Sunday, 22 October 2017

Image seo in blog post images

Image SEO play a major role in your blog post Search Engine Optimisation Google not read only your contact data or rank you on the basis of your keyword SEO Google also video image data published on your  post and also thank you post according to images you what we can say that images play a big role in your post ranking in search engine results.
Image seo
Image seo
We all know that Google is the biggest search engine in the world and it is a great source of it traffic on your post so Google send traffic on post from many ways like according to your keyword, your image.
Google have a smart search engine which its all data in your blog post including of your image data please don't ignore image SEO while making your blog post SEO friendly.

Factors of images seo within any blog post::-
We can divide image SEO within two parts according to its use and there necessity
1. Adding properties of any image used in your blog post
2. Adding caption on your blog images 

Both are important for making your blog images SEO friendly because Google read both of steps to know about your blog type.

● adding property of image in any blog post

Image property is some words which can describe your image type like that you have used an image in your blog post about food
So use best keyword in property of image which describe your image in food type.

Steps to add property of your image in Blogger blog post::-
First upload image on blog post by clicking on top bar image option.
After uploading image click on image and you will see a blue line with some option.
Choose option in that blue line with name properties.
Then after you will see two option form with a button.
Fill keywords in both option and click done.

Your image property has been uploaded after this.

● adding caption of image in blog post
Caption is important for images it's like name of images according to google so please give a name to every image.
Follow all upper steps till blue line appear and then click on caption option in that blue line.
Gave a suitable name to image.

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