Saturday, 21 October 2017

How to type a blog post fast

Fast typing is an advantage to blogger because many bloggers face issue regarding typing in mobile phone or on PC keyboard some of new bloggers with slow typing speed not able to give hundred percent of their knowledge in their blog post regarding this typing issue if you are one of them then you should read this to get solution of this problem.
Blog writing speed

Every blogger need a typing speed to get results from blogging if you have an excellent typing speed then you can earn a lot of money from blogging but if you have not then there was any problem for you because every blog post ranked on the basis of quality of typing and length of typing so to write more big post on your blog post then you have to increase your typing speed.
Options to increase your typing speed and also some tricks to increase your typing speed into your smartphone or PC just formation steps and get fast typing speed or I will tell you brilliant method to write your blog post first. Write fast and write more his first login to get success in this field.
Follow these steps to write fast in your blog post and save your time

1. Used auto correction in keyboard::-
Auto correction is a really good feature in every keyboard because this can make your writing quality good if you have no mistakes in your writing then your blog get a rank on google search engine.
Auto correction reduce typing time while writing a big spelling just write short form of that spelling and your keyboard make that spelling right.

2. Autofill saved keywords::-
This is a very simple method to increase your typing speed while writing your blog post if you notice in your blog post there was many words are seeing you and you are using then continuously so you can say them in your keyboard and use saved key words just typing first letter of that keyword it's very easy way to get solution of writing large spellings.

3. Voice typing keyboard ::-
Voice typing keyboard is a superb solution of slow writing speed because in this method you don't have to type with your fingers you just have to speak what do you want to write it is a great way to write large blog post within a few minutes.

 this method is really a time saving method for slow typist. while writing your blog post you just have to change your keyboard with your voice typing keyboard. you can use this feature in every smartphone.  using this method you can write a lot of posts in a single day. this is a great solution of slow typing speed. this is a very beneficial way to write your blog because you just have to speak your content and your device will accept this input in writing, this is also good for your eye you don't have to see your mobile screen writing your blog post.

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