Friday, 13 October 2017

10khits site reviews - good or bad

Every new blogger need some visitors start earning from his blog and some of bloggers get success to engage visitors on their blogs and able to monetize blog with Google AdSense service but all bloggers were not able to engage visitors on their blog and they were try to find a new way to increase viewers on their blog while finding anyway they must get a site name 10khits.comfor getting 10k views in few hours name so today I would tell you about all the performance and effects of 10khits on their blog.

Something about 10k
10khits review

10k hits is an free website to get fake visitors and non organic visitors on their blog if you need some visitors to get approval from Google AdSense you can try 10k for getting 10k views in some days. 10k hits provides you visitors in the change of your Internet data while using this site you have to register on it with your gmail address and then you have to submit your blog link on this site then after open your 10k hits account and click on your submitted site this will be redirected you to a new page where you will find many sites so you have to see all the sites which were auto operated in few seconds don't close this window because they will give you some points for every site you visit and how much points you collect from these you can get equal visitors on your blog so this is the working method of 10k

Facts of 10k hits on any blog and blog performance::-
Some people think that 10k hits increase blog organic visitors from any method but it only a myth of them because 10khits is an hundred percent fake website which increase your views by fake visitors this is not trusted site. this can steal your data and also make your blog suspend so I suggest you to don't try it to get views for free because it is and fake website. there are no benefit to use it.
 this website don't increase your organic views which is needed to get AdSense approval AdSense also don't support any fake or non organic visiting on their ads adsense treat this like a policy damage which can make your blog suspended so please don't try anyway or method to get bulk visitors.

Instead of using you can apply for AdSense by following some steps to get AdSense approval you can make your blog big with some right ways. Apply right ways to get views.
it is not important that visitors are necessary to get AdSense approval this is not a term by AdSense because they only approve that application which follow AdSense terms and conditions. adesnse  only see your site theme,design and site SeO. They don't focus on visiters  count. if you have not any good visitors on your site but you have a great design with a lot of content on your blog then you can easily get AdSense approval without any fake visitor site.

Final review of 10k is and non trusted site which used to increase visitors on any page if you use it you will not brings non-organic visitors on your blog 10khits also damage your blog content which can be harmful for your blog career. if you need any visitors just make your blog SEO friendly and you will be able to get free organic traffic by Google Webmaster instead of using 10k it please use Google Webmaster for free organic traffic. I know that this method is long-time consuming  but this is an right way to get free organic traffic which is very beneficial for your blog and you.