Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Google plus seo |Google plus for seo

Google plus is very good social media platform who want to stay connected with all world and it's also a main factor in seo of different online posts so Google plus is very important for some of people who make blogs.because Google plus is a part of seo in there blogging.

Every blogger known about and offline seo is very important for make your blog big and more profitable.
Google plus seo is a part of seo and it's under offline seo because this donot effect your ranking in Google searches.
Google plus make a great backlink in seo and make your site more trusted in Google.
Google plus is also attract traffic on your site from worldwide.

Google plus seo importance::-
Google plus is not only a social media platform it have a billion of users it means it's a great source of visitors.
In backlink it's a trusted and source of great backlink it make your site more plus seo have a great seo importance as offline search engine optimization.
Use Google plus as offline seo::-
Google plus is a very good source of backlink to use Google plus as make a great backlink of seo must leave more and more links of your site on Google plus this will like extra butter for your site.

Must share every new post on Google plus to attract visitors directly and leave your site link in comment section of Google seo.
A great backlink assure your high rank and make your site trusted.
Ways to use Google plus::-
Google plus is a perfect site to share your post and make a good can use many features in Google plus which will help you to make your seo good.
Open a new account on Google plus and you can post any thing on it.
If your posts were about entertainment or specific you can make your own page on Google plus this is a great way to get visitors on Google plus profile.
*Attach your blogging account with Google plus
*Add a follow button on your site from Google plus
*Show Google plus followers on your posts
* Post site links on Google plus
*Add Google plus URL in posts for online seo
*Make a page and share your post on Google plus
*Leave URL in comment section for offline seo on Google plus

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