Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Earn money with Facebook

                         Earn money online
Most of teenagers want to earn a side amount to fulfill their requirements and best way to this is earn from online.
There are many ways to earn money online but some of them are more effective and more profitable so from them Facebook is a way to earn money online.
As we all know that Facebook is biggest social media platform and it's comman that most of people use Facebook for a information source and conactions but some of people use this facebook as a earning source and they are earning well from facebook .

Only some people were know about this source of earning because facebook not open it to public but some of masters know this and taking advantage of facebook popularity.

Ways to earn from facebook
*Blogging backlink
*Business publicity

These were only a little ways to earn from facebook there are more ways but these are normal and easy to use.

Use Facebook for blogging backlink.
If you are a new blogger and want to some earning you can use Facebook as good backlink source you can leave your blog link in all like pages and posts or you can leave your links in comment section this is very effective way to grow your visitors on your website 

More visitors mean more earning this method is good for new bloggers who want to promote there blog for free 

Benefit of facebook to promote blog::-

It's very beneficial for a new blogger you can get these benefits from facebook in your blog

1.more visitors on new Blog backlink provide to improve your rank on Google pages 
3.get instant visitors in your blog
4.good source of visitors in free of cost


Advertising is a popular way to grow your business online and most successful platform of online advertising is Facebook you can advertise your business and website on Facebook and you can attract good amount of customers on your panal facebook is legal provide this service.
You can advertise your ads in facebook popular pages and you also can get good targeted visitors on your business site this is really a good source of attract customers on your business.

Start advertising on facebook with these step::-
*Go to Facebook ads(paid method)
*Join a big open group and post your link
*Share your post to pages
*You can get customers by makeing a page of your products

Benefit of advertising with facebook::-

Trusted source
Guaranteed works 
Get highly targeted countries traffic

You can earn money with your facebook popularity.there were many advertising sites which provide this service.but i suggest you to use famebit to monetize your facebook page.Famebit is a partner site of youtube so this is like brand and you can trust on it.

You need only a facebook page with these qualifications::-
*Minimum 5000 likes on page
*Active visitors
*Daily post

You have to do this on famebit::-
*Log in with your facebook account
*Bid on a project you see on panal of famebit
*Tell them about your work
Get orders from your bid and earn..

Benefit of famebit::-
*Earn unlimited
*Trusted source(Youtube)
*Assured payment
*Worldwide range of orders


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