Monday, 11 September 2017

Earn money from writing posts on news

                  Earn from posting news
You can make many from just posting some news or artical,you can make money from news of any where.if you have fond of news so this habbit  can make you rich. You just have to follow me and you can good amount from such types of news site.
It's very easy to make money from news site you only have to make a artical on any topic add some images or tell something interesting in it and post you can get millions of views for just single post if your post go viral you can earn about 10$ for just a single artical posting on such these sites so this is very good earning in see work.
Anybody can earn from it.

You can use these sites for writing article and earn money these sites are trusted and 100 real so you can work with them without any doubt.
1.uc web media

Bother sites are very popular in whole world so there was no limit of traffic on it you can get all type of traffic on your post.

These sites will pay you on the basis of advertising shown on your artical.

Let's talk about these news sites...

*Uc news*
Uc is a popular browser in world and made in China and it had a billion of current users so this can be a good source of income in condition you know how to use it.
After this popularity of uc web uc launch a new branch name uc news and it's also go viral among news readers but there are some requirements in news editing so uc news give a chance to people to make money.

You can make money from post artical and news on uc news and they will pay you for it.

You have to do these steps to earn money from uc news. this link 
Click here for earn from uc news on sign up
3.clixk on create account with gmail
4.fill up your info and submit your form 

After submission you will receive a email from uc news about your account and after that you can post on uc news and you will be able to monetize your artical after seven days of creating account on uc web media.

Needed to work with ucweb media::-
*A pan card
*A bank account dog

News dog is very cool and very popular site in all world and you also can earn money from posting on news dog. It's simple to use and earn you can also earn without any post.this site also pay for reading news so this a double benefit for all you can earn from both types and get good response from it.

Register to news dog::-

*Open this link 
Click here to register on news dog app

*Just fill some info. And get 50₹ in your news dog account treden your money at 150₹

Register on news dog writer::-
*Open this link
Click here to register on news dog writers
*Just fill some info and wait for 6 hours for activation

You have to fill up your detail with pan card and some basic information.