Friday, 1 September 2017

Best ways to increase your viwes on blogger

                         Blogger viwes
As a new blogger  i think that you are also struggling with  less viwes and no response from any person so here I would like to tell you most consistent ways and good ways to get some starter viwes on your blog. I will suggest you some ways to share and promote your blog which can drive traffic to your blog.
For a new blogger it's more important to write good content regarding the topic and write atleast 500 words in a single post this is the most important thing to attract people's on your blog.

More manual ways are below mentioned and these all are 100% genuine sites to get visitors it's important for you to share your blog and must leave your link on other big sites as a better backlink process. webmaster tool)
As you know that google is the biggest search engine in the world and google have trillions on searches every hour so this can be a great way to get free organic traffic. If you have a little knowledge about seo and smo you can get better views even on your new blog
On google you can get free or paid traffic and this can be not so easy to get free viwes on google because of its complicated crawl process and most competitive engine . About half of world use google to search and it's command that million of people upload files on google to be searched and get free visitors so this is more important to get high rank in google search results there are many ways to get high rank in Google.

1.make good content and input main keyword in you content highlighted
2.use keyword planner for choose best keyword in google search
3.Do not upload images from Google images
4.DO not use copy method it's ignoring by google bots

*If you want to get viwes in exchange of money you can try google Adword here you can bid on keyword and your search results must be on top of page*

2.facebook{only paid ads mostly}
As we all know that facebook is the biggest social media platforms in the world so it's normal to get views on your blog from Facebookif you have a big fan page on your fb account you can get views from there but for normal man who does not have any page it's not easy to get views from facebook .
Facebook had a smart computer which can define difference between a post or a ad so they donot show your blog link more on Facebook but there was a another way to get viwes from facebook 
Facebook can promote your blog link for money there was a option to get paid ads on Facebook you can register there and you can able to show your blog as a ad on Facebook and you have to pay on every click.
3.QUORA(an answering site)
You can use Quora as a promoter of your blog it is the easiest way to get high rank on Google searches without pay through this site.

This site is question answer site and this is an popular site and world wide visitors you can give answer on question about your topic and when search on Google about that question quota will be seen on top of page and if your answer will be reliable from question your answer will be shown as search result and you can leave your link and blog information in that answer thus you can get a lot of traffic on your blog from Google through quora.

It's very easy to work on quora please not you must have to answer about that question and must leave two links in one single answer .more long answer had more chances to shown in results.

4.guest posts

It's a method or a way to get helped in searched top on search engine .
These posts are work like a backlink and tell search engine that your site is trusted so more you visit site and leave your link in comment section and must share your link by social media. These comments are very effective in search engine results.

5.SMO{social media optimization}
Social media optimization is important for a new blogger because it has no daily visitors you can get your new visitors from social media you can share your blog link on these platform which are more popular then another.
Share your every post on google+ and get instant views on your new blog post.
Share every post with an interesting comment on Pinterest
Leave a link on Reddit as a good backlink
4.try google analysis for more preferred keywords

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