Thursday, 24 August 2017

Sell your photos on istockphoto

                           Earn money online
a photographer need a well buyer for increase his revenue and is not only limited to passion and wall at this time photography is a very big market in pics lover and collacters .thus will be also beneficial for photograper to sell their photos from home .
There are many sites on Google are available which gave this service to photographer to sell their photos online .
You can make your own price of photo and get earn good amount from these sites some of these sites are very big so you can get your first customer fast make money from selling photos online.

*Process to sell photos online*
1.make a account on Istockphoto
2.apply for a photographer form
3.upload some work like your clicked pics
4.submit and wait
5.if they like your work you can make your price and sell photos

1.account on a site like I stock
This is not necessary to use only this site you can use any other site like but I suggest you to use Istock because this is most trusted and very big site here are alot of chance to get success in you photography this is only a site of its type with millions of visitors daily and a big order amount you can eRn good from it. to make money from stock photos
You can make money from your photos with two ways.
*By selling them
*Also earn with every view

People see them and you can set your own price of your photos 

You donot believe that a collator of photos can pay you about 100$ for each photo so this can be very beneficial for every seller

*Good and bad*

1.a great market of photos
2.a great paid site
3. It's free
4.withdraw limit is none

1.take time to new on I stock
2.have to make great photos compromise with quality
4.have to gave original file to buyer

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