Sunday, 20 August 2017

Earn money online- user testing


There are a lot of ways to earn money online and when you are searching about earn money online you must see a way  called get paid for reviews so what is this?

Today I will tell you that what is the way to earn money from review and what is user testing.

There are many companies who make products and gave quality to customer but before manufacturing or applying the product they must check product quality so the hire some tester who tell them about product benifit and problems then companies pay for these test 
So in online way mang sites were make changes in there site and want to know customer review so they hire us 

When anybody gave a good reviews about product and tell them about problems of there product they pay a lot for this work so any body can earn money online with this way

* What is usertesting *

User testing is a site which provide us product for review when you sign up on this site you will get a product list for review like any site or any product 
You have to see the site very quiet and tell them about every thing you see in that then after completing answer submit your project and your payment will be added in your PayPal account within 7 days of submit 

*How to earn money with*

if you want to earn big amount in less time so is very helpful for you because this site gave a lot of money for doing simple tasks like answering questions and product information

This site pay according to this you spent on giving answer they show you videos and you have to record your screen watching the video and record your voice 

If they find your project helpful they gave you real money 
You just have to speak loud and do not stop while recording must speak anything you see on the video 
Thus will must make you richer

*What you need to use user*

1. A computer

You must need a computer to use it only support desktop not support mobile so you have to be buy a pc to earn money online with

2. Mic

You need a good quality mike to record your voice clear and loud . Record clear voice for more revenue

3. You must know about english language you have to record your voice in english 

4. A high speed internet connection is also required for using user

*How usertesting. com payout done*

User gave high amount in your PayPal account within 7 days of projects submitted
You can earn unlimited money from user testing 
It's average gave 10$ per video review you gave 

So try this and share your experience..

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