Saturday, 19 August 2017

Earn money online - musicxray

                   Earn money by music xray    

Are you looking for earn money online ..
Want to earn some bucks from online works there are many ways to earn online but all are based on work like typing and captcha entry so it can be a little boring work for make a little money 
What happen when any body pay you only for listing music composed by music editors from all world 

Yes you will be paid only for listing music 

Musicxray is a web site which provide these services you can earn a lot of money from this site if you are a asian person this will be more beneficial for you .

Musicxray will pay you per song you listing 

Every song have there own price and when you have to listin song and gave some answers in yes or no and amount will be added in your account you can make unlimited money from it 
It's a free of cost site it never be demand for any charge for gave you service so it 100% free

*How musicxray works for paid music*
Musicxray is a world wide site and it's a great plateform for test your music quality and grade if you are a music composer and you make a song you want to be a test to this song you have to uplod it in music xray and pay a little amount 
At another side if you are a listener and listening that music then musicxray will pay a part of that payment which composer pay them so this is  legal work and 100% original earning.

           Music composer pay to musicxray
           Musicxray pay you for listing music

*How to Eran money from music x-ray*
Musicxray is a music platform where artist upload audio for test and some people were paid for listing music 
You just have to make fan account of music x-ray  and then complete your profile and you have to choose some music type which you like to listen and gave your favourite singer or band name on it 
Then after some time this site will show music list available for listing and there price also with them you have to play the song at least 30 second and then you have to answer some reviews in yes or no then instant amount will added in your account 
You can earn unlimited and earn a lot of money from musicxray.

*Minimum payout amount is 20 $for all time 
You can transfer all money in your PayPal account this may take 24hour to transfer your amount to PayPal so don't worry *

Best thing is it's pay rate per song this site pay .1$ for every song  so this is very easy to reach minimum payout amount 
Let's begin earning from musicxray and share your experiences on comments

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