Monday, 10 July 2017

How to make a website for free

                How to make a website for free

A website is best way to be famous in world so if you want to make after website and finding help in making of free site so this content is very helpful for you just look at it and learn  how to make a website for free

If you not know that how to make a website so some sites on Google are special made for it 

Some info about site making...

A site needs  ...

A domain name
A web hosting
A web designer{web pages}

Next thing is that these services are very costly but there are some ways to make a free website..

You can start blogging" yes" blogging is also a free site making software provided by google you can easily sign up on
blogger and get your free site 
This is real sites you can make your web pages and can upload a  post daily and you can also register for a only this is difference nothing else 
Site is 100% genuine

You can choose word press for site building

Making Website for a little price..

If you have a small budget for making a website . 
You can use go daddy and shopify website builders this is a fabulous site maker this
will provide many option like you can make a store or make web page for just $1.7 / year{ 99₹}. 
Same in shopify

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