Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How to make a website online

                       Website tips

All the sites on web are build by only one man or a community this is very simple to make a website even if you donot know about that how to make a website on webs and how to make them appear on search engines so if you want make your own one so let's try some steps and get your own site 
Which is under your control these website can be very useful and  good for your pocket you can earn a lot of money if you want from your web site

You can make a content website or if you want to promote your business so there are many option available even you can make a online store and get in touch with whole world 
So know start that from where we can make a website get start work 
There was many options we have such like free or paid 
If you choose free you have to work a lot for making a website first you have to search a free web host provider after this you have to search for  free domain name provider and after it if you donot have to skill a page building its very tough for you so I suggest you to choose a paid website building service 
In this process you donot have to do any thing first you have to only a domain name from a domain registration company like godaddy and google 
When you buy a custom domain like or they provide you free web hosting on cost of your domain price and they also provide you free template and themes you can choose any themes from a lot  just choose a theme and fill your website name ,type of your site and fill some info and write some content and your site is ready in a few minutes

If you want to open a online store and want to sell online on site just choose a site type as online store and they will provide you free product listing,expert help ,and best security for online payment 
You donot have to worry about anything  you have to only for services and I will assure you that if you try online way to promote your business this is very beneficial for your work  so 
Making a online site is very easy for anyone buying domain from sites provide you free templates,webhosting,page builder,serch console and a good theme which make your site perfect..

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