Thursday, 6 July 2017

How to make money online

                        Make money online

Every person want some extra money for doing some thing well and they try to something strange to earn big money but all of them donot get success 

Now at this time all wat to earn money from their kapi or mobile my mean they were try to earn money online

Today many online sites gave big amount of money for just doing simple things 
But their was a condition that you have to doing loyal work for them 

So today I will try to suggest you some way to earn money online
If you follow these ways you will get benefit a lot
Ads were base of all online income because anybody pay you  when he get some profit from you

If you are famous on Facebook or you have a huge fan following and  you are connected to people via any another social site .

This is perfect for you ....
First i will tell you some famous sites which gives revenue for placing ads on your site.

1... Google Adsense
About 90% of online advertising is related to google site and this is a perfect place for youtube rs and bloggers if you are a blogger and have a huge traffic 
It is bestemt way to earn money

2... affiliate marketing
This is the second best way to earn money online this service is provided by every e commerce site because they want publicity
They offer to place their site name on blog and when any body click and buy some stuff you will get confirmed commission
A great way to earn money

3... Selling online

If you are operating a store so you can take your business online contact to the world

4... By makeing your own app
( Ad mob) 
If your are a app developer and make apps so monitize them with  ad mob and place ads on your app

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