Monday, 24 July 2017

How to get more views on blog website for free

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Getting views on a new blog is not so easy if you start a website or blog and want to get some visitors it's possible bot if you want bulk viewers in some days it's not possible because every thing need some time to get success so if you are new in this field you have to some patient and after some time you automatically see result of your great effort

It's possible to get good count of visitors on your blog or site but some of method can increase the count of views in a little Mannar like that if you are using word press for blogging so it is good then blogger because wordpress is biggest platform of blogging so this can help you to gain your web 

Many other things also effect the visitors count so what are they?
Increase the visitors on blog or website for free from these rules and ways
1.. quality of your content
2.. topics of your blog
3.. Google seo
4.. knowledge of sitemap
5.. backlinks
7.. tags description
9.. pictures in your post
10.. copyright post also effect your post quality
11..targeted country also is a best point to attract visitors

As we make post on various topics which were not related is not a right way to write  so make sure you are writing on a specific topics of product like that first you make posts on food and after some post about tech so this not reliable please ignore this method and aim your posts on one single topic

Blogging is a great way to Spear and share your knowledge on any topic so make you blog posts very unique and long

Seo means search engine optimization is best thing to get free traffic on your blog so learn seo and use it 

In seo sitemap is a big thing u have to upload a sitemap of your site and from which google or any other search engine can read your content and gave a rank to your site on search pages

Backlinks is important so use them on your posts and make you blog good

Keyword is most important thing to INCREASE VIWES ON YOUR BLOG WEBSITE FOR FREE target some keywords in your blog and make them look natural as good in post

Tags make a huge role in modify your site look and engage your site sidebar

Search description is a line which sucribe all of you post content in one or two lines this is shown under tittle so make sure to give a good search description to get more visitors on your blog website

Donot use copyright material in your post this can decrease your page views and make a bad effect on Google so donot use copyright material and images 
Make 100% new and original post and grow your blog post

Use Wordpress or Blogger to start your blogging and increase your VIWES for free

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