Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How to get a free top level domain

                                Free domain

For every new person on web for doing some unique on pc from blogging and writing experience required a most ise ful thing name   domain. 
Domain name is most use full thing site making and blogging it's as useful as talent because without domain your site is like name less person so every content and file on web required a specific domain name 
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_____________________________________________ As we take example that you start blogging from blogger and make some fabulous posts so in this situation blogger provide you a low level domain name like .
So this is a unique id of your site when any body see this link he see your content 
But there was a problem with these low level domain that some features of blogger were not allowed without a top level domain so we have some requirement of a top level domain

So now I will tell you about that how to buy or get domain name for free as you see that all domain registration company were giving domain name in exchange of money and you have to renew  your domain name after every time period so this is very costly and complicated 
So I will suggest you a way to save your money and how to get a top level custom domain for free 
Before telling i am want to clear some difference between paid and free domain

1.. it's free but it's in the form of .tk, .cf and etc
2.. it donot gave any web hosting with domain name
3... This free trail is only for one year
4.. it's server is small but enough

So now I will tell you a site which have free domain name

Freedom is the site which give free domain name for 12 months 

After registration on this site you only have to gave a order of your choice name and it gave you all control on it 
You can mage it's sms settings and use it any where like a paid domain so this is best way to start blogging without money and knowledge of site building
You can build a very big website with just your talent

So please try it for free registration and ask me if you have any query regarding this topic 
I will answer in just 24 hours...

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