Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Earn money online with youtube

                                 Youtube earn

As you all know that youtube is a world wide platform for showi
ng your talent to people and grow your talent with a huge audience so can youtube help us to make money online ?
Yes , it's the most popular way to earn money online from youtube you can earn a lot of money from youtube 

Earn money from youtube explained:-

As you start your own youtube channel and you are making videos of yours and you will get start getting views on your videos so these visitors will help you to making money from youtube when they watch your video they will shown ads by Google and when they see the full ad and click on it you will get your money in your adsense account

How to monetize youtube channel:-

 After creating a youtube channel you can monetize your youtube channel from Adsense account and earn money from it.
You just have to on YouTube app and click settings of your upload videos and click monetization option after of it your video is eligible for showing ads 
But if you donot have a adsense account just apply for on via youtube created academy and you will get approval in 2 days so this is a simple possess to earn money from you tube          
Term and condition in making money from youtube::-

If you think that it's going to be too easy to earn money from youtube 
You are wrong first you have to complete all term and condition before earn money from youtube 
On a new channel you don't get views quickly so wait and give your best if your videoa were good people see them and share and there was a good chance to complete new rule of youtube so far 
It's it that every new created are not allowed to show ads on channel only those channels were allowed who got first 10000 VIWES  so if you want to earn money from youtube you have to get 10000 VIWES on YouTube channel then you will get your adsense account approval

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