Saturday, 22 July 2017

How to earn money from blogger

                             Money with blogge

Earning  money with blogger is very easy for a professional blogger because he know everything about blogging and he was a expert in blogging and make great content and he also have a lot of information about seo{search engine optimization} so he never feel any problem regarding earning money from blogger 
If you start blogging as a part time job so this will not be a easy step for you in starting because you are new on this and you donot have any knowledge of blogging and earning money from blog so if you want to earn money as new blogger you must have to some info about seo and some info about adsense alternatives so in this post i will suggest you some tips which can help you to earn some extra revenue from your blog

Which adsense alternative is best for monetize my blog...?
Its a very big steps toward earning by your blog this is most useful  thing to choose right adsense alternative for monetize blog like that you have to choose best montize platform according to type of your visitors and site 

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Like that you have a site like offer codes and a lot of links you can choose google Adsense because he pay highest for every click 
And you have a site of only reading and visitors spent some time on your blog then is best for you because he pay for impression and page views so this is your choice to choose your site type and use best adsense alternative

Is affiliate program is better then Adsense?
Yes or not it's  not confirm because it's depend on quality  of your traffic if you got a huge traffic from usa and uk type countries then affiliate is best for monetize because online shopping is very popular in these types of countries

Can we make money from business on blogger?
Yes ,why not if you have a great business idea and if you get an blogging experience so this will must be profitable for your business you can reach customer worldwide and make your business grow very fast you can make a online website and promote that site on your blog this will must give you some boost

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