Friday, 14 July 2017

How to register for a domain name

                         Domain name

Domain name is a perfect identity of your site for search engines like your name special domain name for a site just like that anybody call name as we take example of a big site Amazon  domain name of Amazon is This is only registered by Amazon community no body else can register this domain name 
As if you want to make your own site you have to be a specific domain name that will be identity on your new site it's start with www.    And     close on .org and any thing else
So next question is how to register for a domain name of a site..

First most useful thing to be remember is you should have to choose your domain name according to content in your site as if you are making a food recipe so choose someghing related to this topic like or
So if you choose these types of domain name this will help people to select type of your site and they will remember this unique name 
So now came to the topic that hoe to register for a domain name
It's very easy you have to go on any domain registration company like google url and go daddy or else they will provide you a domain name and some tips for how to use it and approve your domain name on there site for register
Steps to register domain name were seen by pics below they will help you to guide in register a domain name

How to register for domain name::--
 This go daddy domain registration page so go on this just find for a domain i t will show you some options and choose one of them now click your choice and pay for it and your domain is now yours

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