Saturday, 1 July 2017

D-DAY games


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Today this post is based on a game avealable on Google play store named D-DAY front line commando is published by glu and this game is based on a real history story every one now about that day that what happened on that day

It's a big change in France because of this day

6 June 1944 is called these days because allied troops land in Normandy and it results victory

So about games on this history is a unique think

There was many games but this game is best for this day 

Graphics of this game is so real 
Story is incredible
And sound make this finish
So I will show you games based on day which were on Google play store and iOS app store

I will suggest you some game names which were made for younger hearts and I will provide you some information like size and downloads 

Just click link and get download the game 

Like please

1...... D-DAY : front line commando

By.... Glu
Downloads.... 10 million
Rating.... 4.5
Size.... 330 mb
Link.....Click here to download

2... Ww2.

By... Glu
Downloads... 10 million
Size.... 88mb
Link.... Click here to download

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