Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Best adsense alternative for monetize blogger

                                   Adsense alternative

As every new blogger want to make some money from his blog so some of communities were giving service for making money from your content by showing ads on your content .this very useful and beneficiary for you because they paid a big amount for this 
If your blog have some traffic and your blog rank high on Google so you must have to try any of these adsense alternative which were giving a lot of money

These sites were giving a huge amount for showing ads on your content you don't have to do anything just sign up on them and past ad code on your post and these adsense alternative were monitze your blogger post and show ads and then if anyone click on it you will get revenue

Next question is that which were the most popular adsense alternative for monetize my blog??

There was a very big list of adsense alternative but some of them are proud and some are less profitable so this is necessary to choose trusted and right adsense alternative to monetize your blog 

This is the list of trusted adsense alternative which pay highest revenue for per click on ads so you can try them and share your experience by comment

1... Google adsense                 

Google Adsense is most trusted and highest paid Adsense alternative 
This is provided by google so this is worldwide
It support about all type of site expect adult 
You can also monitze your blogspot site 
It pay for per click not for impression
You can withdraw your money after reach minimum there sold amount of $100 by bank account transfer
It's most popular way to earn money from your blog is second most popular adsense alternative worldwide because of its contextual ads service 
This is provided by Bing and yahoo
This also a trusted site 
This site pay also for impression and click so this more benefit able for a blogger
Minimum there sold value is $100 and you can withdraw your money from PayPal account transfer

3.. Propeller ads

Propeller ads is good for monetize your social site pages you can use it for monetize your facebook pages and  other pages 
If you donot have any website you can use this for earn money from direct traffic
This pay for per click 
It's minimum there sold amount is$100 
You can transfer to PayPal


Chitika is a good and small advertising agency which pay on per click it trusted 
You can transfer your revenue with PayPal account transfer and payzaa account
Best thing is that it's also a contextual ads
Minimum payout amount is $100 so it's easy to earn and get your first payment

5.. Yillix

This is trusted and small advertising agency so this is very useful for small traffic blogs 
Best of this is that is minimum payout value of  this site is 1$ you can get your money daily if you earn up to 1$ per day 
You can withdraw

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