Friday, 7 July 2017

How to get AdSense approval fast

                      AdSense approval

Hello friends...
Today i will talk about a very good topic that if you are you are a blogger and want some bucks from your work so you must have to join AdSense community for good result ..

Every new blogger wants to earn money fast from his blog but Google AdSense take some time to see that is this blog is sufficient traffic or content to place ads on it

If Google find something new in your blog so they must approve your blog account in just some days ...
But some of us try copyright content so this is not according to Google term and conditions so they never approve your blog to AdSense

Google also have some terms to qualify for Google AdSense if you follow them so you must get some from Google 

Once if you able to get approval from Google AdSense you can get a lot of money from just writing

These terms are provided by Google expert so if you want to get AdSense approval fast you can follow these terms and approve your blog for Google AdSense

1.. try something new ..

It's very important for a new blogger if you have something new to share with people and people gets interested in it so this will a golden thinking of yours and you will get approval fast

2..write about 400_500 words in a single post
If you are making your post small so this is as big harm for you because Google can disapprove your form because of its so make sure that your every post must have content of 400-500 words

3... Do not use copy and paste method

I know that it's very easy to do blogging in this method but this is not under term and conditions of Google so also try to write 

4... Post regularly

This is the best way to Google AdSense approval in only 20 days 
If you post 1 post you will get approved Google AdSense in only 20 days not try hacking

There are many tricks available on web to get AdSense approval but all are fake do not try them they were only time waste

6...make image yourself
Do not pick a image from Google and post on your blog they were not allowed to use so make own photos for your blog

7... sufficient traffic
Please share your blog to social sites they were best ways to attract traffic to your blog 
If you have some views in your new blog account this is a big acchivment for you...

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