Tuesday, 11 July 2017

What is web hosting and domain name

                            web hosting

As we all know that every file in a computer need some space in compatible according to his size because of this we can use that file any time and file remain saved in our computer like this if we want to get save some info on internet we want some space so we can say that web hosting is a thing which provided some space to our file to get online .
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Web hosting is a very important thing for a site as we can say that a site will never be make without a web hosting server so of any one want to make a site he must need a good web hosting service..

Many companies provide these services for free and some are paid 

And next most important thing is for a site is a specific domain name

Domain name is url of your site or page which were shown with your post tittle in every search engine

It's like a id card of your property on internet 
Every search engine recognize your site with a domain name

You can buy a domain name from domain register company like go daddy and weekly

Google also provide this service..
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A site is need only domain name and web hosting to appear on net

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