Friday, 21 July 2017

What is PayPal and how to use it


What is paypal ?...
This is the question of every person who hear about this site and see ads of it so know i will describe about PayPal 

PayPal is a international company which provide service of money transfer and accept money .
This is not a in a single country it's gone world wide it's the biggest e commerce company of its type 
It provides the service in about in every currency of world you can accept your payment in your account from world wide it's provide you this service for free 
It is trusted and a big community so it can change your country currency in any currency so this is very helpful for who were starting a worldwide business 

Something about PayPal...

PayPal is payment site where you can make all of your international payments
As for example.. you are living in usa and you want to buy a indian thing from a site of india so you can pay in dollars and PayPal provide amount in rupees{indian currency} so it's help ful in international business

PayPal is funded in December 1998 and founded by alon musk and his partners

Ceo of  is now Danial and owned by eBay e-commerce site it's net worth value is $59 us and presented boy many big communities so this is trusted and faith full site

How PayPal works in other countries ...?

PayPal is working about in every country of world and providing his service for free that's it's 100% free service you can pay in any country and accept from any country 
If  you are not in us and want to use PayPal 
It's so easy ..
It's normally works in other countries as in usa so there was not any problem just go to PayPal site and enter you free details and address and your account is ready to use 
You can easily use PayPal in any country of world which is under service of paypal

How to register on PayPal? 
It's so easy 
First go to and click on sign up then provide your name and email then they will send you a confirmation email click on that link and you will be redirected to next page now fill some info of your adress and your detail after it your account is ready to use ..

It's your choice that you want to link card on PayPal or not it's not necessarily so you can skip this popup about link your card

Benefit of using PayPal...
1.. you can accept payment from worldwide and pay worldwide there was not and boundaries of nation in PayPal 
2...if you are a blogger and using adsense alternative to earn you can transfer your revenue in PayPal account can use PayPal account as a personal bank account make online payment from it provide faith full service in a big are of world so you can use it as a wallet on international trips

PayPal for bloggers..
PayPal is very helpful for bloggers because they use different ways to earn money so PayPal can be a source of collecting money from all ways they can use it as a card and coleact all earnings in it

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