Sunday, 9 July 2017

Blogging tips for beginners

                        Blogging tips

If you a new blogger and looking for audience then these some tips are helpful for you to find your aim and get it.

There are many bloggers who make best content and publish it on web in the hope of that people get some some knowledge of them but there hope is not fulfill untill they donot make these changes in there blog .

So today i will tell you some little things about blogging which help you to get traffic on your blog.

If you are new on blogging so these will make your blog big easily..

Please use them and apply on your blog...

Tips for blogging...

1... Do not make fake content or do not use copy paste Mathod

2... Use some creative thinking

3... Upload images on your every post related to your content

4... Must gave the link of your info source

5... Use Google webmaster tools for publish your site on Google search engine.
This is very important for every new blogger because if he want organic traffic so this is the best place to show your blog

6... Use Google analytics web 
From this you can track your visibility on Google and learn some results of your blog impression
This will give you every info about you blog

6... If you upload original and best content so you can also earn good amount of money from blogging just use AdSense account and achieve your goal of sussesful blogging

Thease blogging tips are special for every beginners 

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