Monday, 3 July 2017

How to make a android app for free

                             Own apps

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Today I will tell you about how to make your own website app or any game app

As you see that there were many small size games or apps are available on Google play store

This releted only to one person so how they do this a person make there own app and upload them to the Google play store or amazon app store and earn money of your choice you donor have to do anything you just have to do only a work test do your app

So next question is. Is it free?
Yes, this is absolutely free you don't have to pay anything for it

Now one more question raised in mind that I don't know that how to make a file 

So here's your answer that a site gave a service of making appfor free just fill some info and get fully made apk then upload it to play store and earn money

Appsgeyser is site which provides this service...

 Just search it to Google and click first option
Then you will be asked for log in or sign up

You can sign up using your Gmail account
Then this page will appear now click create now...

Now you see many options  these are the types apps that you can make just choose any type of them 

You can make apps like YouTube ,Twitter and if you are a blogger or of you have a website so you can make your website app and you can upload it to play store

After choose a type just fill some info and your will ready in just five minutes  
You can publish you app on play store or amazon app store

Even if you want to earn money from your app open monetize option and past ad unit code in option and Google will show ads on your app and when any one open your app and click on as you will get revanue

So earn money from your own app 

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