Monday, 19 June 2017

History of video games

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World of games 
As everyone knows about games and Thier importance and kids are definitely knows this matter because of morden life style 

But are you know about games history??

Are you know that which is the first game ever played in world??

Are you know about first card game??

Are you know that who eventually and play first game in world??

Which is the first video game??

Is it 3d??

Where it's invented?? 

Thease are some questions and if you really not know about this so please read this full and get knowledge about games

First today we play 3d or 4d. Games but we cannot imagine a tennis 2d game with no botton and no  clear graphics is the most popular games because it's the first ever video game in the world  
A tennis game with green lines and green dot game in 1958 by William 

These are some pictures of them ::-

Now this time to show second game which is invented in America and played in whole world

A pong game in 1970s

It's also in a green theme and a dot there are many games are available on Google like this but this a unique

Then a first acrade game was invented with joystick cantrol in 1971 named    ATARI   by nutting association 
This is first commercial game in world

It had one joystick cantrol

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