Friday, 23 June 2017

Top 5 apps by Google

                               Google apps

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  Today I will tell you about a famous company which launch 4 or 5 apps per year 

Yes,, you know  this


It's Google 
a brand which have enough money to  buy any of his compitier 

Most valuable brand in world because of his new experiments
This company launch all electronic item 
And get huge support from people
Because he gave quality products

So today I will tell you about apps launch by Google
These apps can be downloaded on both android and iOS

And some of record breaking apps also launched by Google 

CEO of Google is a Indian

About 50 - 60 apps were launched 

Here's top 5 apps from Google let's start

1... Google 

By... Google inc.
Downloads....  1 billion
Rating....  4.4

Description..... A voice recognition app by Google this is the first type of app like this
This app can find any thing near you and anywhere in the world just speak what you want and get many options to choose a good app 

2... Chrome browser
By ... Google
Downloads.....  1 billion

Rating.....  4.4
Description......   This is a browser this is just like other apps but new updates make this unique new features and new search options

3..... Gmail

By ..... Google

Downloads ..... 1billion

Rating...... 4.3

Description.... A social media app a great way to send details and files to anywhere in the world for just one click a mail app in great look
4.. Google drive

By.....  Google

Downloads.... 1 billion

Rating... 4.4

Description.....  This app provide you extra space for your file just upload your files on it and open them in any mobile
They are secured by Google 
You can save up to 20 GB in this app without my extra hard drive or memory card
You can increase this storage by paying fees 
5.... Google play music

By... Google

Downloads... 1 billion

Rating... 3.9

Description... A great theme app with new sound effects a musical app in every mobile

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